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New Product Award Winning PTZ Cameras

The Move 4K is the latest PTZ camera from PTZOptics, featuring auto-tracking for a more intelligent video production workflow. The Move 4K is capable of 4K at 60fps (1080p at 60fps over SDI), future-proofing your technology investment while still accommodating HD and Full HD video resolutions equipment. The Move 4K offers high performance in low-light scenarios, PoE+ capabilities, and a built-in tally light.Every Move 4K camera features SDI, HDMI, USB, and IP output, and comes native with NDI®|HX for unparalleled performance and versatility. The Move 4K offers built-in auto-tracking capabilities — no need to run software on another computer — freeing teams of the need for a camera operator. With 12x, 20x, and 30x optical zoom available, the Move 4K can fit seamlessly into any production scenario.

The Auto-Tracking Family of Cameras

The SimplTrack2 offers a higher level of customization and ability to configure the tracking of its camera to perform in environments where a greater attention to detail is needed. It’s able to accomplish this using the reference camera, highlighted tracking zone and blocking zones. The ideal use cases for this camera are higher education lecture halls, production venues, and house of worship.

The SimplTrack Lite offers a more simplified approach and can be installed and operational without any software configuration. This makes it more appealing to those wanting to use it in smaller lecture spaces with fewer environmental influences, one man band operations, and smaller presentation spaces.

The MiniTrack 4K Pro is a 4K auto-tracking camera in the small form-factor of your average webcam, ideal for livestreaming, videoconferencing, lecture capture and more. Using the included IR remote, users can track or frame subjects, set presets using two available preset keys, or zoom in and out electronically.

Camera Joystick Controllers

The PT Joystick G4 is a legacy-friendly controller designed to easily integrate into a wide array of existing production systems, and even allows users to switch between protocols with the touch of a button. A newly added web user interface will decrease your set up time, allowing you to get multiple cameras up and running in as little as five minutes! If you’re using the PT-JOY-G4 for different productions or sets, we’ve got you covered. Import and export settings for specific use cases or production environments. For network setup, the PT-JOY-G4 will dynamically obtain an IP address upon connection to your LAN. If your network is not able to supply DHCP addresses, you can assign a static IP address to the controller.

The SuperJoy Joystick Controller takes remote pan, tilt, and zoom camera operations to the next level in a simplified user interface with advanced controls for power users. It supports mix-and-match serial and network-based control for PTZ cameras of any generation. Simultaneous pan, tilt and zoom control across IP, NDI® and serial cameras from multiple brands including PTZOptics, HuddleCamHD, Sony, BirdDog, and NewTek. Powerful Super-Preset buttons are programmable to trigger synchronized multi-preset commands across up to four unique camera groups with up to seven cameras each, as well as a fifth group of up to 225 cameras. With three user-centered control modes designed to accommodate varying skill levels, the SuperJoy offers unparalleled flexibility for production teams of all backgrounds and experiences.

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